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GamingThread Okay holy hell is Super Mario Sunshine as bad as it looks?
Reason User Banned (5 Days) - Continued history of hostility
SolidChump..your post is a joke. SMS has some of the best water effects to this day. The worlds are colourful and fun, each unique with their own amazing themes. And the gameplay is one of the most unique in a Mario game. Let not forget the way Mario controls in this game is pitch perfect. And the the tools add for so much creativity in movement. And those sublime platforming levels. It’s one thing to have a game not appeal to you but calling it ugly and ass tells me your maturity level is definitely lower than your son’s. More and more I find on ERA there are spoiled/gamers who know seem to know absolutely nothing except probably today’s AAA hold up to play and fortnite, and think they understand what actually makes a game good. Again what a joke of a post.