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EtcetEraThread Black Lives Matter Everywhere - Police Killings In Germany
Reason User Banned (1 month): hostility, prior bans for conspiracy theorizing, perpetuating racial stereotypes, and general hostility
This is shocking and horrible. More people worldwide need to be aware of the gross abuses that happen to africans and arabs in Europe it's disgusting. I thought awareness was spreading during the syrian crisis but it seems to have been glanced over because of all the crises that have followed.1. We aren't delusional nor do we ignore our problems Case in point (you probably can't read or listen to this because americans never learn other languages but oh well) : 2. As a French person it is evident that racism is super bad here. To think that things are somehow even worse in the US isn't really negating that (even if I think it is quite the same and agree many in France point at the US to brush away our problems in bad faith) I also thought apartheid is worse than what happens in the US, but that does not mean I am excusing what happens in the US. Being horrified at the racism in the US and thinking thank god it is not bad here is much the same thing. Some europeans are delusional but posts like yours always come off more like Americans trying to point at Europe and say that it is also bad here so stop looking at your problems/giving you a hard time, etc.