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GamingThread Pokémon gives tone deaf response to BLM protests as Nintendo stays silent
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Why? I'm just pointing out this is absolutely in Nintendo's playbook at this point and that them being silent shouldn't be surprising. Shouldn't be surprising =/= condoning their decision to stay silent, it's just knowledge from years of experience and studying Nintendo's own policies in the video game market as a company that specifically made its brand around apolitical games that were directly altered to fit a very sanitized public image. Something Nintendo has never once shed completely in 40 years on the market even if they've opened up and modernized in a few small areas. As for the corporations. They're not our friends and the overwhelming majority are not our allies either. I don't think that should be a particularly controversial stance to point out. Corporations are self serving first and foremost. Again, their impact in so far as being a major company supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and calling for reform that attracts public attention is a positive and continues to make it mainstream, but corporations also know full well that these are calculated responses they've designed. It's a selfish act that has some positive benefit beyond the selfishness of the corporation working for its own interest. Major corporations have major hands in perpetrating and supporting many of the same institutions and power structures that cause harm to individuals in the US and globally as well. I'm only willing to give them so much credit for these types of statements. When they start matching donations and doing more, that speaks louder volumes to actually doing something at least.