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GamingThread Citra 3DS emulator reaches 100k+ installs on Android in 4 days
Reason User Banned (3 days): Advocating piracy
Wider ubiquity and accessibility to the library of Video Games is always the main thing I think of with emulation and hacked consoles. Piracy concerns are less important than that. A few lost sales is perfectly fine collateral damage for the inspiration and passions that can be lit for people who otherwise wouldn't have had access to the library. I'm still adamant that the most ardent Video Game pirates end up spending more money on videogames as a result of piracy than they would have otherwise because of the passion that is lit within them. The average videogame spend of a pirate is probably higher than the average of the average gamer, because pirates and enthusiasts heavily overlap.Why does it have to be such a dirty and negative angle you look at it from? Isn't it beautiful that 100,000 are playing 3DS games?