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EtcetEraThread Something I've noticed about black American films
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Racism
I watch movies. I don't get to make them. If they look interesting I'll check it out. If they're not, I won't. Poetic Justice was good. Madea, no. Barry Gordy's Last Dragon was awesome. Coming To America too. I don't sit around and ponder my impact nor do I feel special for having watched it. I don't get an honorary black card when I leave the theater. It's entertainment. I stand for the importance of representation. 72% of the US is white. 27.8% Hispanic and 12.7% black. I'd say black America gets more than 12.7% of entertainment representation when you think of movies, music and sports. I want to see more black representation in academia and science and I wish the government did more to help generations out of the poverty cycle. Please know this all comes from a good place.