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GamingThread Marty O'Donnell: Composing Music for Halo, Destiny, and Golem
Reason User banned (3 days): Hostility against other members, previous infractions for similar
This hurts my brain. How the hell dude. This has NOTHING to do with what I just said. You're acting like I'm defending him from being criticized, when what I am talking about is the point of derailing being a bannable defense. Derailing discourages discussion, which we could have, but it gets clogged up with needless conversation that does absolutely nothing. You accomplish nothing when you bring this up by prevent people talking about the music. This is nothing but self righteous masturbation and I'm astounded you thought that was a good reply. "Lol if O'Donnel wanted resetera to discuss his composing technique then he shouldn't have said something a few years ago on twitter that he thinks is reasonable and many people think is shitty." What a complete and laughable and irrelevant stretch. I am genuinely impressed. Good for you you virtuous knight. May you find many threads to completely clog up with irrelevant crusading. I'm sure Marty is just really hurting that you don't want us to discuss his music. Oh man, you sure showed him. He should have considered that before his stupid tweet! I bet he's so upset right now. We know Marty's got some pretty shitty views. That has nothing to do with how he accomplishes really great music, which could be educational to a variety of people to interact with and discuss. Or do you think that knowledge and talent shouldn't be shared because of the individual's views. What a completely pro-ignorance and anti-intellectual stance. I cannot believe you think this pseudo-moralism is smart. Are you aware of the levels of knowledge we would not have just in general if we silenced the talents of people who were bad? This is utterly nonsense. We can gain knowledge from people with otherwise bad or nonsense views, and derailing to that so you can suck yourself off for how much better you are than them does not make you smart or help anyone anywhere.