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"This thread's premise is reactionary and unproductive"

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GamingThread Twitch establishes a 'Safety Advisory Council' to help it sort out its rules
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Excessive pedantry regarding concerns of bigotry across a series of posts.
Her point of people getting harassed online is valid, especially for women, because their gender can be tracked to their voice pretty easily and it leads to a lot of harassment in online games. But saying voice chat should be gone entirely is a stupid take. Saying people disagreeing with her must be white cis males, or that the people disagreeing with her have "white cis male sounding voices" is a stupid take. Saying "a lot of you gamers are white supremacists" is just not ok. The huge majority of people watching twitch aren't whitre supremacists. And yes, pretty much everyone watching twitch is a gamer. Banning anyone in her chat for simply disagreeing with her isn't a good thing. She was way too quick to lump together harassers with people just not being ok with her stances. For someone who is supposed to bring the community together and mediate between Twitch and the community, shes way too antagnoistic towards the community she's supposed to represent. She isn't supposed to just represent trans people, and as long white cis males are part of twitchs community, she has to represent them too, instead of "dancing while drinking their tears" and telling them to "be affraid of her because she has power and Twitch won't do anything against her". Her having valid points doesn't excuse the way she behaves.