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EtcetEraThread The way we talk about China
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Xenophobic generalizations
Agreed with the posts about critical thinking. Or at least how the West views critical thinking anyway. I have encountered many Koreans during my undergraduate degree in the UK and they would admit that they did not know or understand how to write and structure an essay because the only thing they had learnt to do was rote learning and ticking boxes for multiple choice tests. They would ask for a lot of help just trying to put their thoughts down on paper. But in the end it was just information, there was little or no analysis when it came to essay writing. They prized knowledge over deeper critical thinking. Not to say that they don't possess it at all. They needed to train that ability. Because the only process they knew was 'how to get the correct answer'. I even met a Korean graduate student who came to do research on critical thinking and the lack of it in educations systems across Asia, so it's definitely something that Asians themselves see and critcize about their own education systems. And yes, while Chinese people do have their own thoughts and opinions, they rarely ask why or the deeper why. Because they simply weren't trained and brought up that way in school. You didn't need to think why the Cultural Revolution happened. You just memorized the reasons given in the textbook. This stems partly from Confucian education techniques in Asia, but also to ensure that people don't question the authority and information that is presented to them by the higher ups which is perfect for an authoritarian regime like the CCP.