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"Alt-right is weaponizing "outrage culture". Clever Girl."

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GamingThread Sony FY2019 Results - PS4: 13.6m (LTD: 110.4m) / FY19: 2nd best year ever for PlayStation / 41.5M PS+ Members & 66% Digital Ratio
Reason User Warned: antagonizing another member, avatar shaming
Says the guy with a MGS avatar and eager to get a PS5 without knowing any games or price, but please go ahead.No, which is why it's weird you're framing it that way with your suggesting pricing model. I suggested a $299 Lockhart, not $399.What does jaguar have to do with Lockhart? Rumors are it's the GPU that is a lot less powerful than Series X and PS5, not the CPU, because it's whole intent is for those who want 1080p gaming and don't care about 4K. Microsoft may indeed undercut PS5 with Series X. I doubt it but it would be nice. In a perfect scenario Series X would cost less than PS5 and Lockhart wasn't needed. I guess we can at least agree on that.