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"Alt-right is weaponizing "outrage culture". Clever Girl."

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EtcetEraThread Elon Musk sues Alameda County for not allowing him to reopen Tesla factory. [UPDATE: Opens factory anyways. Endangers employees.]
Reason User Banned (1 Week): Stigmatizing mental health
Note that , but in trying to determine why he acts like an idiot as such there are several possibilities: 1. He might be trying to bring conservatives into the Tesla market by acting this way, especially with Cybertruck coming out soon. 2. He has spent the past 20 years building up Tesla, that's a lot of work and effort, so yeah from his point of view being forced to shut down would be frustrating. 3. He has actual mental issues despite being overly intelligent. 4. He really is just an arrogant asshole. Who knows what the actual reason is, none of these excuse behavior like this, but in today's political environment it's almost acceptable, sadly enough.