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GamingThread Is Quiet the worst character design this gen?
Reason User Banned (permanent): Misrepresenting arguments against objectification over a series of posts; account in junior phase
btw at what point dismissing a justification with a video trollling anime fan is considered ad hominem ? Basically i'm asking at those who think Quiet's design is not only out of place (it seems pretty subjective) but clearly offensive/regressive : what's the criteria ? You all seems to be ok with the idea of forbidding or prohibiting a quiet-like design right ? Like, if you guys were an ethic staff you'll happily check the artist work and say "delete this, add that, change the camera angle" etc. Its ok if you work with a justified normativity but the criteria is far from obvious. Are cleavages always forbidden ? How to distinguish a good justification from a bad ? Or is it that no matter the justification, such and such design choices are always bad ? If you dismiss Quiet you have to either dismiss the whole chara design either the design/choices of some ingame moments (if so you need to bring an objective reason). Finally by putting Dead or Alive bikinis on the same plan of Quiet's design you actively agree witht the fact that either the Quiet's design justification given by kojima and proven by the whole game is not enough (but why ? by the narrative itself ? By the way the game exposed the narrative ?) either there is no acceptable ways to show a character with this outfits.