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GamingThread Obsidian talks about their new larger-budget RPG, is a new IP, humorous, published by Take-Two
Reason User was banned for 1 week following his posts in this thread for: Continuing to be insulting and demeaning to other members in discussions, despite prior warnings and bans.
I don't care if people here believe me, I and people in the area and the industry know the facts, like for example I know one of the pregnant women that was released right after she came back and I know and used to work with one of the Workers Comp issue employees that just got a settlement from Obsidian, obviously I nor anyone else can "show receipts" for that for obvious reasons so you can believe me or not, I really don't care and I didn't use this to get anyone on my side or anything like that. I simply stated some things that happened and said I won't support a company like that. Also I find it laughable that you actually expect info for lawsuits and results. The stuff with AW is readily available though as is internet talk about how Obsidian is run higher up. Believe what you want, I never once said anything to garner favor or rally people with me with pitchforks. If I said "YOU ALL shouldn't support a company that's done....." then you'd have a point, buuuuut I didn't, and you don't, thanks for playing.