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GamingThread Is Quiet the worst character design this gen?
Reason User Banned (1 day): trolling
Why do you think I am trying to argue in bad faith and strawman you? Because I have seen women in this clothing and pointed it out? Because I find it surprising you haven't? I answered you small easy to parse sentence. Just chill out.I disagree. Fishnets are not solely used as sex clothing at all. I lived in the Caribbean all my life and saw it a lot. You can easily google' beach fishnet dress' and see many different styles and non have to do with debauchery.I disagree. We are talking only about the character designs I thought, not how they fit into the setting they are in. The Xenoblade designs totally fit the setting but they still are very weird/bad. Even if it counts for you, I was only saying that wearing a bikini and some fishnets is normal outside of the battlefield. Others think only people into debauchery wear fishnets.