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"It seems this conversation has become unproductive."

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GamingThread Sword & Shield is currently the 4th best selling Pokémon game, on track to be the second of all time.
Reason User Banned (1 week): hostility towards other members, trolling, history of this behaviour in similar threads
Hey, next game, next game, they now have experience with HD. Because that's the main issue right, the content is fine. Story is fine, who needs a new formula, approach is future proofen. Ignoring fan criticism over and over again is fine. That engine is fine in 2020. Why should they bother about the legendaries when nobody would play that content. Who needs a battle frontier, we don't need that. Exp share for you maddam, Exp share for you sir, oh and Exp share for you era because you ban those with Pokémon criticism. Who needs difficulty nowadays, you know what, the games should be even more easier. I am too "lazy" to even write this post my bad era. Too lazy to even care about caves I am. Oh and I forgot to mention the post game and how much I love it. I want even less of that. As already pointed out, less content is more quality. I wanna help one day because I admire him and the fact how similar he is to game freak when it comes to dealing with criticism regarding the Pokémon franchise. Constructive criticism is fine as long as it is positive criticism.