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"Engaging the Doxx9001 as we speak."

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GamingThread Game Developers - does the reaction to The Last of Us 2 Spoilers scare you?
Reason User banned (3 months): dismissing LGBT+ representation as an "agenda"
Kind of off topic (not a dev) but situations like this make me unsure of how I should respond. I’m a straight white dude in a first world country. I’m not part of any kind of minority that I’m aware of (unless being pro-Xbox counts (I jest)) and I’d like to think I’m generally fairly open and accepting when it comes to LGBQT topics and the like. That being said, I don’t really think it’s a completely out-of-left-field opinion for people to be disappointed in the way TLOU2 seems to be going regarding “pushing an agenda” or the themes it puts front and center. Theres nothing wrong with the themes themselves but for a series that didn’t really have much if any of this originally to now be leaning so hard into it, I can understand how that might put some people off. And again, to be clear, I’m not saying “pander to homophobes, it’s all about the money”. If people can’t be open and accepting then fuck ‘em. But having a jarring narrative directional change being off putting is something I can appreciate. Which again makes me unsure cause I’ve seen plenty of opinions, some even in this thread, suggesting the best course of action to make LGBTQ themes and characters more accepted is to keep putting them in everything and more or less shove them down peoples throats and I just don’t know if I agree that’s the way to go.