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GamingThread Neo Geo Aes real vs fake - how to spot the differences and NOT get ripped off
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Lately I've noticed an influx of AES games for sale all around the internet. Sadly I'd imagine a lot of these games are from collectors who need the money due to the pandemic. Which is super sad but I get it. Unfortunately that means the scammers peddling bootleg / conversion carts as the real thing know this too! On a good day making sure you aren't buying a high value fake game is hard! But with an influx you really have to be sure to do your due dilligence. While I was re-organizing part of my collection I made this Some things to look out for : 1 - print quality / differences. Are the colors off? Does the insertion warning sticker not reflect properly? Are the corners not properly rounded off? All telltale signs! 2 - is it from France? Sadly it's the origin of a ton of bootlegs 3 - always ask for board photos! compare them against available photos online. Google "MVS AES PCB Photos / Scans" and you will be able to find them easily 4 - is it expensive? Nobody will go to the trouble to fake a $200 Sam Sho III or IV, but something in the "thousands" range has to be assumed to be fake till you get board photos. 5 - when it arrives...the smell! Like a mix of stale cigarette smoke and offgassing vinyl plastic...seriously! that's what authenticity smells like! and 6 - weight. Repro boards almost ALWAYS weigh less than their real counterparts. 7 - case plastic quality / differences. I just don't want people getting burned, especially now. A casual browse of eBay has way more high priced AES games available in the last 30 days than I've seen in years. If anyone else has any questions let me know. Scammers / bootleggers trying to pass off cheap conversions as real AES games are ruining the hobby, so if they aren't getting sales due to people knowing how to spot a fake, it's good for everyone except the scammers! And I hope nobody reading this has to sell their collections to support themselves! Hope you are all safe, healthy, and secure :)