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GamingThread What JRPG trope do you hate the most and want mitigated or eliminated altogether?
Reason User banned (one month): downplaying sexism
Ok obviously women are hugely sexualized in, well any type of media anywhere in the world. And yes it is a very common trope in Japanese games to have the sexualized women characters with big boobs or skimpy clothes or whatever. But this is an exaggeration. There are typically one or two of these stereotypes in a game. Then you have others like the nerdy or intellectual one/tomboy/cute and innocent etc. It is a formula in Japanese media which is why anime tropes are so well known. Then you have the hot smooth guy/shy skinny guy/cold and calculated guy etc. There are a lot of very strong women in Japanese games. Actually more women are probably represented in a strong way (by that I mean physically, intellectually or in character) in Japanese games then western games. And in western culture the big boob blonde bimbo is probably just as well known. I will say western culture does seem to be moving away from this in the past 15 years or so though.