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EtcetEraThread Two women have come forward, on the record, to corroborate Tara Reade's claims about her treatment by Joe Biden
Reason User banned (duration pending): Dismissing allegations/concerns of sexual assault, history of similar behavior.
How can we ever address sexual assault as a problem if it gets used as a political football, though? A top-down approach to exposing scandal, at the tail ends of grassrooting, just seems like a recipe to inject chaos, to the detriment of justice. If this kind of behavior is so widespread that chances are any candidate who gets nominated will be guilty of it, At the very least, I would like us to have a dialogue where, I guess I would like to say, the flow of information is minimized; That is, I would like us to strive for as perfect and uniform information as early as possible, so that the complete election process can play out with as thorough and as equivalent an understanding. Maybe I'm wrong, but I would like to believe in the goodness of people, think that this is a case of a sunk cost dilemma, where, hypothetically, this information, had it been revealed any time between 2016 and mid 2019, would have resulted in the optimal outcome of millions of people and hundreds of insiders collectively saying "This is not okay, and your political careers is now dead." and we could have established more precedent that we are better than that, and moved past tolerating this kind of behavior. It shouldn't be that way, but that's psychology in action. Either way, the fact that the choice is being revealed as being between two people with either corroborated or confirmed cases of rape does nothing good for the trajectory of how sexual assault is perceived. You can't wait until the moment before an election to make character an issue, because then you end up retroactively making it seem unimportant to the preceding steps in the ascension of power. Worst case scenario to me is that this information gets revealed by the start of the primary and still makes no difference, that people still flock around Biden when there are tons of alternatives in the field to choose from, but at least we'd know just how much work needs to be done in the public conscience. Now, it's that much harder to send a message that sexual assault is not okay. Like... I just don't understand why this information didn't come out until 2-3 weeks after super tuesday, and days after michigan all but confirmed biden as the nominee. This keeps on happening, with Trump, with Moore, with Biden, and it's all information that could have been easier to act on, and maybe would have been acted upon, if it had been revealed sooner. None of this is to say that anger should be directed at victims, but I think the timing of these revelations can end up hurting the cause because it moves the posts back via sunk cost fallacy. More than nominees, we need candidates running for nomination to be exposed, due to how our elections and campaign seasons are set up. But then again, maybe we'd just end up with Amy Klobuchar in the white house with an abusive relationship with her entire staff. I don't know, and that's what's frustrating - I know it's a problem, I know the timing matters, and I know that it shouldn't be a problem, and that timing shouldn't matter, and we continue to put it off. This isn't right.