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GamingThread Nintendo Direct Speculation |OT8| One for the Mini, two for the not-E3 show
Reason User Warned: Hostility
There's a difference between marketing being affected versus if it's justifiable. Their marketing is currently affected by COVID19, yes. Nobody is arguing that. I don't think continued radio silence is justifiable since most their 2020 lineup should be minimally affected.It's true nobody knows the exact details of development timelines. We can only make educated assumptions. Nintendo typically does not reveal games until they're close to release. Their Summer/Fall, and arguably their Winter games, should all be in polishing, or about to enter polishing.Localization and production happen concurrently alongside development (production later obviously). It's not a linear process. Of course all those facets are affected too. But localization should be entering the polishing stages alongside development. Production and retail are the main bottlenecks, but even with retail most stores in the US will be opening up by the end of May/June.Hardware stock is another issue entirely, although Nintendo is doing a good job at bolstering productions with the increased demand. Games releasing this Fall really aren't being affected. Look at Cyberpunk, CD Red outright said they're still on track for their planned September release. The games that are being affected are either: 1. Games that are coming out this Spring (e.f. TLOu2), which are being hit with supply chain issues. Nintendo has none of past Xenoblade DE and Clubhouse Games 2. Games slated beyond Fall 2020, which we really can't measure the pandemic's impact on right now.None of those announcements anyone would call "major", or frankly exciting. It's a set of minimal announcements of either small/casual games, or (lackluster) updates on preexisting games.Lol get your head out of your ass. Just because I disagree with your points doesn't make mine any less valid. It's an internet forum dude.