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EtcetEraThread AEW Dynamite |OT3| Just Because I’m Smiling Doesn’t Mean I’m Happy #EverybodyDies. Taped Shows Continue through Mid-May
Reason User Banned (1 month): inflammatory accusations and hostility, numerous prior bans for hostility
Shocking that you scream about how I was trying to prove you don’t care about social distancing while ignoring everything I said about filming for movies and tv shows and seasonal vs weekly content. What are you genuine about? Other people, great me too it’s why I don’t want to see a company that employs a bunch of people go out of business if it can be helped. Acknowledge anything I said about the filming of movies and shows resume or the weekly vs seasonal topic please and thank you. If not it proves you only want to come in and shit on AEW and not actually have a conversation about it.