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GamingThread [] Epic's crusade against 30% takes a tumble
Reason User Banned (1 Day): Antagonizing other members, history of similar behaviour
It’s the same 5 folks on their own anti-Epic crusade posting these types of threads. I’m glad to see the actual subsequent discussion is far less sensational and “hot-takey” these days. Coincidentally, the post counts in these crusades are shrinking as less and less numbers of people are truly bothered enough by Epic to care. In any case, I’m sorry for the above snark and for being dickish. At the very least, thank you for posting the story. OP, you have tended to be one of the more reasonable when it comes to this stuff. As to the article at hand, this whole endeavor has been about Epic trying to maximize profit, regardless of how “altruistic” they claim to be. Google Play, a product that is also about maximizing profit, told Epic to stuff it. Epic relents because it’s worth more to them to get Fortnite mobile into as many hands as possible. Case closed.