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"Are these alt posts just vying for 'craven post of the day' on kiwi farms or something?"

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EtcetEraThread We need to have a talk on how we treat sexual assault victims on this site
Reason User Banned (1 Month): Inflammatory Generalizations In a Sensitive Thread
They are not the same, and I'm getting real tired of people using victims stories as bludgeons for their dishonesty. Each story has different context, different situations and above all...different evidence. STOP COMPARING THE TWO. It takes real sociopathy to use MeToo as a weapon to bully, debase and defame others. The whole point of MeToo was to listen to women when they told the stories(we listened to Reade) investigate their stories (that too happened) and when able hold those accountable (We currently cannot, as the standard for a he said/she said crime is hard to pass sadly, it's the nature of such crimes). You say you think there's enough there to convict/do something about Biden. I say that's not how this works, nor should it. I gave an example in Poliera, and I'll use it here again. "The lesson of MeToo was to believe when woman made accusations, not laugh them off. It was to investigate and corroborate stories and information. Finally, it was to hold those found guilty accountable. No one signed off on Spanish Inquisitions. Because what we have now is not enough clearly for the public at large. That is the unfortunate nature of such personal crimes. When it is one persons word against another you need as much evidence and corroboration as possible. ??? doesn't mean I don't believe her allegation. It means I don't have enough to take action. For example, in a less serious crime let's say your son or daughter has a favorite toy. Let's say they come up to you and say another kid stole it. What do you do? Me? I believe my child, but I'm not going to go over and punch the other kid in the face; nor am I going to angrily go over to his home and bust the door down demanding penance for their crime. I'm going to investigate, I'm going to figure out the whole story and if I can prove that kid did it well then sir we're going to have problems. If I can't prove it? If I never even see said toy with kid? What kind of asshole would I look like if I came storming into their home making demands and threatening them? Calling their child a thief and bastard? Instead I might have a polite conversation with their parents. Now of course, stealing a toy and rape are not equivalent. I'm merely trying to point out why ??? doesn't mean I don't not believe Reade. It simply means I personally need more info to sign off on certain actions. I was already going to hold Biden accountable to not being so goddamn touchy, now no matter what happens further I will be watching on this front harsher. This also ties back to Ford because I increasingly see people use it as an example of partisanship. We all demanded to hear her out first, investigate and corroborate. And once they did(and the GOP not only tried to not investigate but outright sabotage it) then we made demands. You are not seeing us tell Reade to go away(ignore very online twitter folks). We saw this allegation come out and said "lets wait and see" and we did. Again, in a perfect world we wouldn't have this conversation. I don't like Biden. I don't like his touchy behavior or old style chauvinism or out of touch ways let alone his "come together politics". What I do recognize is we can't pull the trigger on this without the voters and public on board. They are clearly not on board(because there isn't enough). " I understand the pain of victims, and I won't tell them what to do, think or feel. I will simply tell them the stakes, who we're up against and the fact that Biden can be held accountable. You do what you need to do; I will not sit here and watch people use MeToo as a political weapon. These women were victims, and each of their stories is their own; to use one womans accusations against another for any reason is shameful. Shame on any of you using this as a weapon, both against greater movements and posters on this board. Lost on all of us, is the fact that we take her story as 100% truth, she will never get justice now. We politicized it, we used it as a bludgeon to argue for Bernie as the nom and we used it as a cudgel to accuse the dems as not caring about victims. Absolute shame.