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"Alt-right is weaponizing "outrage culture". Clever Girl."

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EtcetEraThread Bernie Sanders says opposing Biden is ‘irresponsible’
Reason User banned (duration pending): Inflammatory and condescending rhetoric against minorities over a series of posts
Should have told that women, queer folk and folks of color, then. This is apparently what they wanted too, though I can scarcely understood why. The way I see it, they betrayed any chance we had at a progressive future, so they csn reap the seeds sewn from whatever the outcome is in November. Clearly my progressive white male voice wasn't welcome, and our societal incentive structures make it pretty easy to just sit back at this point and let whatever happen, happen. Trump is fucking embarrassing, but so is Biden. Neither make me feel any better about my future, and the folks who I thought needed my voice chose Biden instead and clearly don't want my input, so I wish them all the best of luck.