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EtcetEraThread Bernie Sanders says opposing Biden is ‘irresponsible’
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I'll vote down ballot but I'm not voting for Biden and I'm sure as shit not going to reward a party that's insulted me and my positions constantly for the past five years. I refuse to vote for a return to the normalcy that got us Trump in the first place, the same "normalcy" that has fucked me over for the past 30 years. A third of my life has been shit due to failed economic and social policies (on the left and right). I'm not getting any of that back and it fucking sucks. If a vote for green is a vote for Trump in a contested state, then consider me a Trump voter because I'd rather get past Trump and let the pendulum swing far left in 2024, hoping that either green party gets their federal funding or dems finally get the fucking message than vote for Biden in 2020 only for it to swing even further right in response in 2024.