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GamingThread Why women criticise sexualised character designs (READ OP)
Reason User's previous 3-day ban was extended to 1 week for this post for: Repeated rude, dismissive and bad faith arguing.
One single character design could not, even theoretically, put me off from playing the game. It would be petty on my part and I have never understood when people do that, because, it's one design out of many and game consists out of many things, like gameplay, music, other designs, e.t.c. Being turned off the whole package by just one single aspect is senseless and illogical to me. For example: I really disliked a lot of designs in MK9 - most of the female designs in this game were tasteless and boring (especially Mileena, who was one of my favorite characters in the past) and she, alongside Kitana was heavily shafted both in costume and story departments. Nevertheless, I am really big fan of the series and I really loved the gameplay. It's possible to like the game and admit that there are some problems with it, be it designs or gameplay. On the other hand, there is MGSV. Despite my big love for the series and the fact that MGS2 has one of the biggest influences on my outlook on what video games could be, I didn't want to play this game, due to the multiple problems, like some designs, story decisions and gameplay. So all in all, I can be turned off the game, when there are more things then one that I dislike. As for diversity - you have already said it - I'd like to see more characters of various ethnicities as long as they nicely written. Often I see people saying characters and going "good enough / at least it's something", i can understand it, but it doesn't really sit well with me, because, "token" character doesn't really feel genuine. Of course, it is case by case thing. There is no such thing as "sacrosanct" games. Everything can be criticized as long as criticism makes sense and not goes into realm of personal taste. If you lost friends because of such stupid shit, it is your problem, not theirs. Zealousy is never good. As this thread proves. Someone in this thread said, that, when people address problematic stuff, some people take it as if ti was personal insult. I see a great irony, that you take my criticism of some people as a personal slight. "Vaguely antagonistic"...What is this? You can't even figure out what I was trying to say, but you still say that I did something bad. OK. "Rude, dismissive, hostile". So many buzzwords. So little meaning. It's like you have a dictionary, which you apply, whenever, possible, with zero understanding and contexts.