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GamingThread Is there a list of games with mandatory Motion Control/Gyro Gameplay (including Sections)?
Reason User banned (3 days): Dismissive commentary towards disability issues
I really respect that you have trouble with motion controls, and that's fine, but this is where I lose sympathy with you a little bit. The shrines are optional. You don't have to do them. I realize that you to complete all the optional content, but, well, it's optional for a reason. You're basically saying that type of content can't exist in a larger game, just because you don't like the thought of skipping anything. As someone who likes gyro controls (including the puzzles in BoTW), that's not a change I'd appreciate.But the alternative is that players wouldn't figure out that gyro aiming is an option. Defaults are the developer's way of saying "this is what we think will be the best way to play for the largest number of people." Largest ≠ everyone, but that's why there's an options menu. The alternative is some sort of long set up screen that walks players through options. And some players may not even know what they mean. The motion control options in OoT3D were not buried at all.