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"It seems this conversation has become unproductive."

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GamingThread Media Create Sales: Week 14, 2020 (Mar 30 - Apr 05)
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Thread Derailment Over Multiple Posts; Accumulated Infractions
i do apologize. not trying to make myself the focus of this thread, but i will NOT let attempts at sullying my honor go unnoticedtwo things: 1. you got a vendetta or something against me, pal? 2. so your big scoop is....linking to a post i made in a thread ALMOST TWO YEARS AGO, months BEFORE the game came out, where there was valid doubt and criticism regarding how much of a proper sequel SSBU was supposed to be (including by many in that very same thread)? THIS is what you think is the equivalent of uncovering the ? well, great work there, woodward. god forbid that there may not be any maliciousness or trollery involved here, and it may be, just MAY BE possible that some of us haven't followed the situation as closely as others furthermore, i know you may not believe this, but i legitimately don't even remember half the posts i made in that thread. THAT'S how long it's been! i'm sure i may have posted in the occasional SSBU news thread since then, but i hadn't followed development closely at all compared to previous games. i'm not even sure if i ever even posted in the official SSBU thread (again, i totally may have here and there, but if i did, it's so rare that it doesn't even register). also, too. i don't even know what you think i'm trying to accomplish with this alleged "trolling". do you think i have a grudge or some kind of agenda with SSBU? because any issues i have with SSBU were a thousand fold with SSBB. yet no one ever accused me of "trolling" brawl. curious, isn't it? :thinkingemoji: but even the thread you linked to is great because just like here, people were intentionally (or unintentionally) taking the worst interpretation of my posts, claiming i was calling the game a port (never once did). guess some things never change.