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EtcetEraThread Sweden COVID-19 Discussion
Reason User banned (1 week): dismissive commentary surrounding the risk of the virus
The main goal of the current approach is to keep the pressure on the hospitals and emergency rooms on a managable level. At the same time not let the whole market collapse at once. Public employees are already being told that there might be no guaranteed summer vacancy if you have skills needed for welfare work for groups with certain needs. Also 200-700 people die every year of the "early flu", but that is not regularly discussed in the public media. Now all of the sudden everyone is an epidemology expert and screaming for "hårda tag/firm actions" as they always do when something is abnormal. Fuck. Give me that stupid virus now so i can be done with it. If I get it tomorrow or in october doesn't make a damn difference. The uncertainty scares people, I get it. But raging for lockdown doesn't guarantee shit. Also what govermental agency will patrol the streets and make sure the rules are beeing followed outside the bigger cities?? Regarding death statistics: There are no straight way to compare between countries. Every country has it's own way of report cause of death. Most notable is DUI deaths, where many countries does not report it as a substance abuse related death at all, because "they died in traffic"