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"There's a protected class of users that post a lot and will drown out all dissent. Any form of arguing with them always leads to a ban. --Skyrim, Verified GameDev"

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EtcetEraThread We need to have a talk on how we treat sexual assault victims on this site
Reason User banned (duration pending): inflammatory derailment, victim blaming regarding sexual assault over multiple posts
If we want to make shots across the bow at people offering anything but unconditional acceptance of Tara Reade's accusations against Biden, framing that as an issue of "how we treat sexual assault victims" feels disingenuous. Because of the high-profile nature of this case and the high stakes involved, it is going to be very, very heavily scrutinized, and rightly so. And the fact is, Just take a moment to take in this well-sourced article someone put together, which goes to great lengths to with screencaps and links. Just take it in and let it sink in before popping off at me - if anything, that's all I ask of you. Ok? Ok. Now, can we please better define the behavior described by the OP, "gaslighting and victim blaming?" What is the nature of that behavior? Is it applying scrutiny to Reade's allegations? Is pointing out the political stakes and having a broad discussion about the veracity of Reade's claims what amounts to "feel[ing] like the whole site openly despises and dismisses victims?" If it's not, I just have to say, that's hard for me to see. Maybe I'm not listening well and missing the point, maybe I've missed some infamous incidents (I'm not the most active member here or anything), but maybe also the OP could've been more specific about incidents they are seeing and not framed the discussion around the Biden accusations. The thing is there is plenty to nail Joe Biden on when it comes to women. Invading their personal space constantly with his handsy weirdness. His shameful running of the Anita Hill hearings and the way she was allowed to be treated on his watch. His shaky support of . But drawing lines in the sand re: Reade's allegations in this way is going to prove very, very destructive for the community here. Anything you want to say about posters who extrapolate their skepticism about Reade into general skepticism towards sexual abuse victims, fair enough - they are scum. But because the OP isn't calling out specific incidents, it's hard not to suspect that actually the OP is extrapolating that the skepticism towards Reade proves that there is widespread skepticism towards all victims. I don't believe that about this community. And neither should you.