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EtcetEraThread Fastest fucking Android phone, the worst fucking box art....
Reason User banned (1 month): Defense of ableist rhetoric over multiple posts
You are way behind the proceedings. Anyways, since some of you are artists/went to art school, let me propose a hypothetical: Would you rather be taught by a very gentle and proper person that kinda sucks at art and don't teach you beyond what you already kinda can do, or mean fucker bordering on a sociopath that is super talented and can get you ass in gear like no other? Remember, you are paying on average $25K/semester to be at art school. BTW, I was neither extreme. I'm not a sociopath and of decent skill but I will make occasional inappropriate comment or two, sometimes on purpose. :D I know which I would choose but it would require a thick skin, something I noticed that most of my students didn't have. They would have been destroyed and spat out at school I went to back in the 90's, but then again, school now days are more concerned with keeping attendance than weeding out the unworthy. Unfortunately I became more of a friend than a task master instructor and I think students work suffered because of that decision but I'm only human and at the end of the day and rather be liked than hated.