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GamingThread Crytek engineer: PS5 better console, easier to reach peak performance
Reason User Banned (permanent): Inflammatory commentary and encouraging harassment over multiple posts
He's speaking absolutely non sense about Xbox. And I highly doubt if he's ever touching the PS4 or PS5 dev area too because non of the bs he said matches the real world. 1. Unlike Sony's poor freebsd jail method, Xbox games don't even use Windows. It's just a kernel and basic stuff needed for running. Which means is that, it is Sony who's porting freeBSD all along, not Microsoft. Microsoft only used a few shared structures. Microsoft uses full virtual machine, which blessed the Xbox fans with full compatibility from X1 to generations beyond with no need for hardware modifications. Even if someday Microsoft completely removes Windows parts on the Xbox, the games can still run because it's not windows it's a separated virtual machine. Btw Phil highly praised the VM team who made BC so easy for future gens. Meanwhile it is Sony who's been limited to 36 CU due to lack of full VM capabilities. 2. Xbox only accept DX12 games now. DX11 with xbox extension was the basic form of DX12 and it's now long gone. 3. Rebuilding the API from the ground up is always a very damned option which was never welcomed by normal developers. And honestly the vast majority of developers doesn't touch much into the layer of API too. 4. Splitting the RAM into 32MB & 8GB is far away from splitting into 10 & 6GB. And PC games have been doing this from the birth of earth. You always keep on track of what your resource is and where it's at. Whether it's graphical or logical. Making such stupid argument only shows that he's either an unqualified developer or full of biased bs. I can't really understand how this kind of developer got into Crytek. Here's his linkedin: