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EtcetEraThread Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) resources and discussion thread (Discussion guidelines in OP)
Reason User banned (2 months): ignoring staff post; conspiracy theorising, multiple prior bans for ignoring discussion guidelines on this topic
The curve of number of dead relative to the number who recover has been flattening. See Worldometers, they have the graph. That is good news. But my worry is three things: 1- That the spread is only starting in poor countries, yet it is taking everything and then some to try and deal with this in the developed countries and the later will buy all the medical supplies needed to keep people safe. 2- We still seem to be missing something obvious about why this hasn’t been so deadly in Japan, and there has to be a better answer than “they are hiding it”. 3- People say this is conspiracy theory but I don’t see why: I still think the outbreak of vaping-related lung injury/illness was actually Covid which was simply supercharged if people were vaping with products laced with vitamin-e acetate because it helped the virus bind itself to the lungs. There is still no culprit identified. I’d be really curious to hear from someone who knows more about this stuff if it would have been possible for the virus to not be noticed in those cases because we would not have been looking for it at the time. The symptoms are extremely similar, people end up on ventilators, getting or dying of pneumonia, and even the CT scans of lungs are pretty much showing the same. If that is the case, the CDC would never want to admit they missed this, ever.Back in September, the vaping-related illness was spreading like a virus: