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GamingThread Sony is the only platform holder who still makes anti-consumer exclusive deals
Reason User Banned (Permanent) - Platform Warring and Trolling Over Multiple Posts; Long history of infractions for the same thing.
Well the title speaks for itself. For the entirety of this gen Sony is the only platform holder who still uses the shity tactic of locking content and games behind their platform. This is unacceptable in 2020! Destiny items, Control season pass and now MW2 remaster getting held hostage by the their deal with Activision. While their main competitor MS are open to all platforms. Phil himself said that they are not interested in those types of deals. And I believe him. I'm pretty sure that Hellblade 2 and Outer Worlds 2 will come to PS5 as well because the first games where on the Sony platform. So what do you think Era? Is there any way to stop Sony from being anti-consumer? Or will they continue with this into the next gen?