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EtcetEraThread Can the world return to relative normality before a COVID-19 vaccine is created?
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Xenophobic Rhetoric
As long as China keeps its wet market trade, another virus pandemic is always in the future. Lots of exotic animals kept in horrid conditions, sick and defecating on the animals in cages below, being chopped up into meat and remedies for the whackos that think eating such meat will make them stallions in bed. THAT shit's gotta stop. Hopefully the whole world, after suffering from this virus together, can muster up a backbone strong enough to sanction China. When it was discovered that SARS originated by a special kind of wild cat they sold at one of their wet markets, China outlawed the sale of that cat... then when SARS cases went down, basically said, "Okay people, we can sell that wild cat meat again!!" The United Nations and other global groups should also adhere to a new law: "People, stop eating weird, sick animals!"