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GamingThread Is Bobby Kotick...a pedophile?
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): conspiracy theories
So I admit I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist and I was just looking at some YouTube videos on the whole Epstein pedophila island evilness and spotted this toward the end of the video...allegedly on Epstein's flight logs to "Little St. James Island"....where poor kids were trafficked The video in question: I know we all hate the guy but I don't seem to recall anyone here pointing this out in any I wasn't sure if anyone knew or just didn't care to mention it since he's already a terrible person as it is. Also posting to see if anyone heard anything or has any more credible sources And mods I do realize that this probably should go into EtcetEra but since he IS the CEO of a gaming company I just figured I'd leave it here since I felt like the Gaming Forum side seems to be more viewed thus giving it more exposure