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EtcetEraThread On Voting or Not Voting for Biden in Light of the Sexual Assault Allegations |OT| Discussion Guidelines in OP
Red Text Remember that general hostility rules still apply. For example, do not accuse members, even without naming them, of "supporting a rapist" or discrediting the victim if they choose to vote for Biden. Likewise, do not accuse members of not caring about marginalized people if they choose to not vote. Avoid metacommentary.
Hey all, This is not me being the OP. This is just a single, centralized place to discuss what's become a fairly hot-button topic here so we don't get a slew of threads, counter-threads, etc. etc. In short, the positions we've seen outlined are : Voting is important, all the way up and all the way down the ticket, for reasons of power and politics. The Republicans represent an existential threat to the wellbeing of millions of vulnerable Americans in a way the Democrats simply do not, even a Democrat like Joe Biden. Biden still has a very long way down to go until he's half so bad as Trump. Ergo, it's your responsibility to vote for him, even if you find him incredibly objectionable (which some people disagree with in the first place), simply because the other guy is that much worse. Not doing so, in this model, is an expression of privilege, as a typically blue voter sitting out is, in our 2 party, system, effectively the same as a nonvoter switching sides. A vote is a personal expression of conscience and morality based on an evaluation of each candidate individually. Joe Biden is being accused of sexual assault. He voted for the Iraq War, and he voted against bussing, and he voted for the crime bill, and many other things beside. His platform is insufficient to face the coming climate and economic crises of the coming decades. Trump being terrible is irrelevant, because Biden has made himself ineligible by default. Ergo, demanding that people vote for him is a blind expression of partisanship at best and a cruel act of violence at worst, as you force people hurt by Biden and people like Biden to lend their support. This last part can be especially important. There's a great deal of trauma wrapped up in that. Don't vote for Biden, but vote downballot. In this argument, voting is a political position, but it allows more for the understanding of a vote as a personal expression as well. By splitting this difference, it comes to a course of action: namely, Trump is unacceptable, but so is Biden, ergo, just vote for the downballot candidates in an effort to staunch the bleeding should Trump win a second term. There are most likely more positions than this. If you feel like I've misconstrued one of the arguments, by all means, correct me; I'm doing my best to give a fair assessment to each. Discussion guidelines are as follows: