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GamingThread NX Gamer: PS5 Full Spec Analysis | A new generation is Born
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Console wars
There is no doubt in my mind they tested @ 1.8. They would have tested at a variety of configurations, the 2GHz clock we surmised from the Github leaks was apart of that testing. And yes, they went above, Imagine where the conversation would currently be if Sony stayed at 2GHz/9.2TF. Again, 2.2GHz is not a move you make for your health. You make it because you're boxed in and need to eek out every shred of performance you can get. It's like overclocking a 1660 Ti to it's max or even beyond and then trying to say that it is practically identical to an RTX 2060, because of its newly adjusted core clock/teraflops. No, no it is not.