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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

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GamingThread NX Gamer: PS5 Full Spec Analysis | A new generation is Born
Reason User Warned: Console Warring
An actual falsehood. You think Sony clocked the PS5 GPU up so high for kicks and giggles? 36 CUs vs 52 CUs is a large, noticeable gap. It's not like the XSX GPU's clock of 1.8GHz is low. At 1.8GHz, PS5 comes out to 8.4TF At 2.0GHz, PS5 comes out to 9.2TF Clearly, Sony felt the need to up clocks to raise teraflops so they would compare more favorably, because both of the previous configurations are a major perception blow in the face of the XSX. No amount of denial from you lot will change this. Sony had no choice to be aggressive with clocks because the machine is lacking in grunt comparatively.