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GamingThread Remember when Doom Eternal was supposed to be true 4k on Stadia? That ain't happening
Reason User Banned (1 day): Antagonising another member
You fanboys are something else. Where exactly did I trash Google here exactly? And you're telling me that the company that got shit for Killzone 2, Lair and numerous other shit was never blamed for anything? PS3 was trashed for not even having games at all to the point it became a meme. What is happening with Google is really the consolidation of its image in the gaming community. Sony distanced itself rather quickly from Hello Games AND No Man's Sky was merely 1 in a long list of games they were promoting. Same reason they didn't get shit for Shenmue 3 disappointing anyone pre or post release. There are little news for Stadia and what little there is is negative, Google not bothering to communicate is certainly not helping. It's not the gaming community's job to push a platform.