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"We do not allow our members to make claims or arguments not based on reality"

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GamingThread [BBC] In China, Uighurs 'moved into factory forced labour' for foreign brands Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Downplaying human rights violations.
I am a chinese and I feel sad to see such post at a gaming forum. I use Youtube,Twitter everyday and believe it or not, this is where I see that news first. I haven't see any major gaming media report on this yet, I just feel a bit of odd. I don't want to and I don't think you all will believe what I say, but I have ethnic minority friends in Xinjiang (not Uighurs), they sure live a good life. You can say that I am brainwashed or something, I can say some of you are brainwashed by the western media too, but such argument is pointless right? To me, this report shows some of the Uighur come to Guangdong, Hubei or anyother part of the China to find a job and get themsleves paid it sure can be depicted as some Even though you dont belive what I said, think about this: why the chinese government risk moving thounds of uighars to thousands miles away rather than build factory in Xinjiang? Dude, the chinese government is so foolish! I dont really care what mindset you guys held and what are you thinking, but if you truely care or just curios about what hapened in china or xinjiang, you should come and see for yourself.