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GamingThread Weeeeeeeeeell.....
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I know it's Sunday but still ... The power to make threads comes with important responsibility. Here's how you can get a great discussion started. Being the Original Poster (OP) of a thread means that it's up to you to provide the foundation for good discussion. When you create a thread, you should include more than just one or two short sentences; make sure that there is enough substance to sustain an interesting conversation. Write as clearly and articulately as possible. Consider whether you're presenting the subject in a way that will generate good discussion. Make sure you are posting the thread in the correct section of the forum, and use the preview feature to double check your work before posting. After creating your thread, consider adding a Cover Image to spruce up its presentation. Do not make provocative threads only to bail on them after the first post. All of the rules outlined in other parts of this document also apply to thread creation.