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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

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GamingThread People understand the FFVII Remake doesn’t say Part 1 for Square’s benefit, not the consumer’s benefit, right?
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anyone defending this is should seriously reconsider. square knows what they're doing, and even if the majority of people know its a "part 1", 1% of what will surely be a multi-million selling title is still thousands of units. Just because its a footnote in product descriptions, doesn't mean its clearly communicated by the marketing/trailers. FFVII is critically acclaimed and beloved title that has received tons of exposure over the years, and the audience expands well outside of the hard-core fans who've been following the ongoing development of the remake. I promise that there will be people who's first exposure to this title will be a trailer such as this one on release day, and will pick it based solely on that. There's nothing here to indicate you are to receive anything less then the 'complete' remake. they know what they're doing, and its extremely scummy. edit: toned down heated post. sorry for the outburst.