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GamingThread [BBC] In China, Uighurs 'moved into factory forced labour' for foreign brands Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony
Reason User Banned (duration pending): Downplaying human rights violations.
Just want to share the views of Chinese in the mainland on Uighur's issue. Hope the mods let me talk about this, not just banned me. Just assume I am brainwashed by Chinese government regarding this issue. In any right mind, almost nobody in the mainland support this, this issue simply does not exist. Because the government intention is to give training to the minorities in order for them to find way of living. Why the need to do such extreme "retraining camp" (as other called it concentration camp)? This is due to these minorities at poverty condition, once exposed to extremist views, could be convinced to do terrorism attack. In fact these chain of events are started with the Separation movement and then the terrorism attack at XinJiang. Inside China, the government has managed to give skill to them, let them get the job, they get to keep on living "freely". Now the reporting of the west media is totally different from China perspective. The terrorism attack are not reported the same when it happened on other countries. It is regarded as Conflict, Re-education camp are reported as concentration camp. Making them learn Chinese are reported as forcing them to forget their culture and ethnic cleansing. More ridiculous were forcing them to eat pork and beer. It get worst when we mention Organ Harvesting, All news regarding this are linked to Falun Gong. A simple search on Falun Gong, Epoch Times would easily made them an non credible sources. But reporting bad China is easily absorbed. even worst in reddit /worldnews There is no reason for China Government to do all these things, other than keeping the region for themselves. They need to keep this region, as even appearing as tough as they can, China is extremely fragile. Allowing one ion to leave will cause others to do the same as they view the government as weak. It bring no benefit in treating the minorities badly. What is the point really? The could just bring out the tanks and roll over everyone to cause fear. On this topic regarding Uighur are forced to these factory, in China, it is reported as China government has helped the minorities to gain a way of living in China by giving them skill to communicate with local. The result, minorities get lift out of poverty, extremist views are limited, terrorism attack are gone(at least for now). There are much larger issues such as working condition which causes suicide in many places. There is no lack of labours in China to force minorities to work. Some companies even outright reject Uighur for jobs. Is it wrong for government to give job to these people? are they supposed to be left alone to faith? How would other country deal with this issue if it happens in their country? A region where the minorities has low income and ability, get threaten by Chinese from other region moving there stealing their jobs. How would you change how China deal with this? All the reporting are criticizing how they did this. Not how they should treat it.