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"Alt-right is weaponizing "outrage culture". Clever Girl."

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EtcetEraThread Democratic Presidential Primaries & Caucuses |March OT| Super Tuesday Turbo XD Championship Edition & Knuckles (Discussion Guidelines in OP)
Reason User Banned (1 week): ignoring modpost in regards to hostility
Who is the establishment exactly? I'd figure Sanders was a part of that... considering he himself has been in politics, for decades at this point. So it's clearly nothing like that. Could it be... other Democrats? But that's strange... I thought Sanders was running for the Democratic Party's nomination for President. To call them establishment is to say Sanders himself isn't a Democrat. Which is fine. There's nothing wrong with that. But why, then, is he running for the Democratic Party's nomination for President? Is he one, or isn't he? That's something really annoying about Sanders, his trying to have it both ways like that. The only way that makes sense, considering his own experience in politics, is that here "the establishment" refers to the Democratic Party itself. In which case, why isn't Sanders running as an Independent? You don't get to have it both ways. He doesn't want to be a Democrat? That's fine. He can go it on his own then. If he's going to run for the nomination, he and his supporters can shut the fuck up about this stupid nonsense though. Especially since it implies that voters are basically being mind-controlled and are helpless slaves to this establishment, instead of voting their own way for their own reasons, nothing to do with the "establishment" but because that's legitimately who they wanted to vote for. That ultimately, Biden did a better job, and Sanders failed. And that's on him and nothing else. And that goes for both the actual votes, who are from people who voted for their own reason, and the endorsements that Biden got from people like Klobuchar. Considering in modern years it's been Sanders who has been Klobuchar's coworker in the Senate, not Biden. They literally work alongside each other. Sanders had every chance at getting her nomination. If he didn't get it (and obviously he didn't), that's ultimately on him for failing to make the better case and Biden doing a better job apparently of earning her nomination. No DNC. No establishment. That's on Bernie for not doing a good enough job to convince her, and Biden for apparently doing otherwise. No matter how you slice it, Sanders had just as much of a chance, he had every resource, every ability to earn those nominations. He didn't. That's on him. And it's ultimately irrelevant since voters are also their own people and who vote for their own reasons. Biden won them over, Sanders didn't. That's his failure and no one else's. And on a bit of a side note, it's ironic... Just like a week ago, people were calling Mayor Pete and Klobuchar idiots for not dropping out, idiots for not seeing how they were just splitting the votes and laughing at how stupid they are and how they're just helping Sanders, and yadda yadda yadda. They actually suddenly realize that themselves, and actually do what people were calling them stupid for not doing in the first place, and suddenly it's all "how dare they" and shock and horror at something they were previously called idiots for not doing. Spare me.