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"Alt-right is weaponizing "outrage culture". Clever Girl."

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GamingThread PlayStation Worldwide Studios |OT Se7en| What's in the box?
Reason User warned: Antagonizing other members
I did not mean to imply that. I'm just not seeing a reason to specifically pursue something that isn't top quality unless you have a specific vision for a particular game. I proved you wrong and you moved the goal post. It's fine to be wrong. Instead of being a dipshit, you could post "I meant on PS4 and PS3 for some arbitrary reason only I could see". You posted a false statement and when you were corrected, then you moved the goalpost. Fact, period. Seems most PlayStation fans didn't even know Oreshika existed so that's fine if you didn't either. The rest of your post is words you put in my mouth and not worth my time.Absolutely. There are ways around it. But when someone says they want an AA JRPG then they probably mean something that's old school and traditional. The Japanese RPGs that have become breakout hits on home consoles have generally had little in common with these. Games like Souls, Nioh, Nier and Monster Hunter for example aren't what most talk about when discussing the genre. Even Kingdom Hearts is barely an RPG series tbh. Sony can make/fund Japanese RPGs with great sales potential, as proven by Soulsborne.