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EtcetEraThread Editor Del Rey Books: “intensity” of Star Wars discourse makes it hard to find new writers
Reason User banned (1 month): excusing harassment
In the past 21 years, eight movies made, objectively two have been average/above average (TLJ & RO) and the rest have been poor and the problem is people aren't nice about it on the internet? You're right tho this isn't about the quality of the movies this is really about the alt right and their bullshit. Mad max FR had a strong female lead, BP a black cast but the alt right doesn't touch those movies because they're great fucking movies! Maybe make a great SW movie and the majority of alt right trolls will fuck off? Just a thought. AND they're saying it's the nastiness that has killed the franchise now? Fuck me. Nobody wants to work on the franchise because the poor quality has utterly tainted it.