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EtcetEraThread Turkey will no longer stop the 3.5million Syrian refugees it's hosting from traveling to Europe
Reason User banned (permanent): xenophobic rhetoric, prior severe infractions
This situation is horrible and seriously conflicting. On one hand asylum seekers should seek refuge and do need help, but on the other hand a lot of the migrants are not from Syria or are from previously war torn countries and getting a free ride. Again I understand what a lot of em are seeking, but it can't continue. Crime Rate in my city has exploded exponentially and continues to rise elsewhere, a lot of em are peddling drugs and thieving left and right while turning entire neighborhoods into personal ghettos. The greek islands have little to no salvation with the migrant population outpacing the greek population almost 2 to 1 in several extreme cases. Beyond that the government is using the Corona virus to cover the fact that they are seizing land for hospice centers and sending the police in to strong arm the populace to convince them to accept said seizures. The eu should help, but the system is 100% abused and people are coming in droves because of how well they are being treated, and it just isn't right.