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GamingThread How Quantic Dream defended itself against allegations of a 'toxic culture' - Interview with Cage, employees and others
Reason User Banned (duration pending): excusing gross misconduct and toxic work environments over a series of posts, history of doing the same
Yes, harmless. The abusive pictures weren't posted on the company's premise, they were leaked by the person who made them. It says so on the article and on my post.But it appears the accounts of those who claimed abuse have been unreliable so far, as their claims have been dismissed. There's a difference between a person feeling wronged (which no one can ever deny from that person) and a company fostering an abusive environment (which so far hasn't been proved, after investigations, audits and court cases). QD certainly could've done a better job of ensuring the well-being of these particular people, as no one should have to feel like that in their workplace, but QD also seem to be taking serious steps in regards to something similar never happening again.