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GamingThread Disneyland fully remade in Dreams
Reason User Warned: self-promotion over a number of threads
There are fantastic creations made in Dreams, but one of those were I was the most impressed by in the last days is the Disneyland game. This creator made Disneyland Resort almost fully in Dreams including all the original music that we know of the park and even a big part of the attractions. He is already working on it quite some time and it's absolutely not perfect yet and still a big work in progress. But you can see he has put in so much time and passion into this project and this has so much potential to be truly amazing after a couple more updates. One of the coming days there is already a huge update incoming that improves a lot of the stuff that should be better and apparently he will also add a lot of new things like a completely new recreated Main Street and if am not mistaken Disney castle will also be explorable. I was amazed this game 'only' has 1.800 thumbs and is played by only 7.000 people up until now, so if you own Dreams absolutely try this one out. In the video below you see a big part of the park, but it's absolutely not everything yet. If you are a Disney fan, absolutely something you have to check out. Video link if the embed video is not working for you hereon Era: Indreams link if you want to play it and add in your queue: