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"[mod edit] this isn't the thread to share your fetishes, thank you!"

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EtcetEraThread The public university I went to is paying $20,000 to transphobic racist (aka conservative) Ben Shapiro for him to speak. Why is this allowed?
Reason User banned (duration pending review): Hostility towards opposition to bigotry and inflammatory comparisons over a series of posts
Reminder that functional adults (rather than people who suffer from arrested development) are capable of "picking their battles", and that not everything has to be a crusade. Ben Shapiro already reaches the masses for those that want to hear him (ie, via radio or podcasts). If some people of different viewpoints invited him to come speak, that's there business. OP's business is doing well academically and reaching his potential while at peak health, fitness, brain elasticity, etc. If he's spending his Saturday night wallowing away on a gaming message board then it's an indicator of misaligned priorities. And if he believes high-pitched Ben Shapiro poses any kind of threat, then OP (and you) merely "imagined a dragon in order to slay it". He attends a public school. Hate speech is protected. If you don't like it, there's plenty of countries where they've done just as you asked, and limited free speech in universities.